useful publication lists

Publications by Vera Proca Ciortea

Head of dance research at the Institute of Folklore (Bucharest). Vera Proca-Ciortea (1915-2002) from Sibiu studied at the National Academy of Physical Education in Bucharest (1932-1936), then further in Berlin (1937-1938) and again in Germany (1962-1981). She was a lecturer at the Institute of Physical Education, a university professor at …read more

Publications by Emanuela Bălăci

Dance researcher at the Institute of Folklore (Bucharest). Emanuela Bălăci (born 1930) studied at School of Choreography in Sibiu, and was a teacher at the School of Art in Sibiu (1952-1953), and then a folklorist-choreographer at Institute of Folklore (Bucharest) from 1953-1972, leaving to live in Germany from 1973. Her …read more

Publications by Constantin Costea

Dance researcher at the Institute of Folklore (Bucharest). Constantin Costea (1931–2002) from Bucharest was a dancer, choreographer and researcher. Between 1948 and 1959 he was a dancer, soloist and assistant ballet master at the C.F.R.Giulești Ensemble and a ballet master (folklorist choreographer) at the Institute of Folklore Bucharest from 1952. …read more

Publications by Andrei Bucșan

Dance researcher at the Institute of Folklore (Bucharest). Andrei Bucșan (1921–1995) from Bucharest graduated from university in literature and philosophy. He initially worked in industry until 1951 when he became a researcher at the Institute of History in Bucharest (1951-1954), then at the Institute of Ethnography and Folklore (IEF) (1954-1974). …read more

Romanian traditional dance books

Over the past century more than 200 collections of national and traditional dances have been published in Romania. The table below includes all that I know about, however, there are more books, particularly those with small print runs and those that have been produced more recently. A few are authored …read more