Edited academic books

The cultural development of folk dance festivals and the sustainability of tradition

The ‘Cultural Development of Folk Dance Festivals and the Sustainability of Tradition’ is a collection of case studies written by authors who have undertaken long term research on folk dance festivals, in many different locations, as part of their overall research as dance ethnologists, ethnochoreologists or anthropologists. All the authors …read more

Dance, field research and intercultural perspectives: The Easter customs in the village of Svinița

Dance, Field Research, and Intercultural Perspectives, edited by Selena Rakočević and Liz Mellish, is a result of joint field research carried out by members of the Sub-Study Group on Field Research Theory and Methods in the village of Svinita, Romania in May 2013. The field research and subsequent book wasbased …read more

Terminology and theoretical approaches and crossing national boundaries/intercultural communication

Dunin, Elsie Ivancich; Mellish, Liz; Opetcheska-Tatarchevska, Ivona (editors) (2014). Third Symposium of the International Council for Traditional Music (ICTM) Study Group on Music and Dance in Southeastern Europe: Terminology and Theoretical Approaches and Crossing National Boundaries / Intercultural Communication.Skopje, Macedonia: International Council for Traditional Music National Committee Macedonia. ISBN 978–608–65721–0–5.