Carnival (fărșang/fășanc) in Banat

Carnivalesque events known as fășanc, fărșang or fășang, nunta cornilor take place in Banat during the week preceding the start of the pre-Easter fasting, postul mare, (the precise week depending on catholic or orthodox calendars). These events mark the transition between the end of the winter and the beginning (re-birth) …read more

A sciency look at dancing the Romanian way: physics of the movement of the centre-of-mass

2018 science approaches Graz

This analysis is based on a comparison of my particular experience of two dance cultures-western classical dance training and participation in Romanian traditional dance. I discuss aspects of movement of the centre-of-mass based on a consideration of vertical and lateral movement in the context of very fast stepped dances that …read more

‘Va dorim success, felicitare’: competition and community participation in Romanian dance festivals

This chapter explores Romanian dancers’ participation in organized dance competitions, both within Romania and internationally, and investigates the informal competition that exists between the members of the Banat Romanian dance community. It includes three themes. The first traces a historical trajectory on the changing importance of performances of local, regional, …read more

Presentational folk ensembles on the festival stage: a window into a participatory and social local dance scene in Banat Romania

This chapter discusses the relationship between local dance groups at festivals and sustaining local dancing in the community. Festivals in south east Europe traditionally include food, drink, music and dancing, and in Timișoara this format is used for many events from the village Saint’s day to the large international folk …read more

What is an (ideal) international folk dance festival? Voices of participants and organisers in international folk dance festivals in Romania and beyond

This chapter explores the question of what is considered as an (ideal) international folk dance festival by drawing from longitudinal ethnography among festival organisers in Romania, participants in international folk dance in festivals within Romania and Romanian participants in festivals elsewhere, as well as from archival and published sources. It …read more

The cultural development of folk dance festivals and the sustainability of tradition

The ‘Cultural Development of Folk Dance Festivals and the Sustainability of Tradition’ is a collection of case studies written by authors who have undertaken long term research on folk dance festivals, in many different locations, as part of their overall research as dance ethnologists, ethnochoreologists or anthropologists. All the authors …read more

Interview: Folclorul romanesc in spatial european

În luna noiembrie a anului 2016 am avut plăcerea să fiu invitat de colegul meu de breaslă din Timişoara, coregraful Marius Ursu, pentru a preda jocuri populare sud-moldoveneşti în cadrul unui seminar la care au participat studenţi din mai multe centre universitare, membri ai unor ansambluri folclorice studenţeşti. Alături de …read more