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The south east Europeans are (still) dancing: recent dance trends in Romania and among south east Europeans in London

Twenty five years since the changes in regimes in southeastern Europe, local dance is still thriving and has even taken on a new vibrancy both within this area and among southeast European economic migrants. This paper evaluates these trends by focussing on two examples, recreational dance groups for adults in …read more

Bulgarian tracks: the road to the Koprivshtitsa Festival (and back again, and again)

The Koprivshtitsa, National Festival of Bulgarian Folklore, has been held (around) every five years since 1965, and throughout its fifty-year history has drawn an ever-increasing audience of Bulgarian music and dance enthusiasts from all corners of the globe. This paper asks why many participants travel to this festival for every …read more

Placing of Svinița’s identity as seen from the perspective of community dance culture

The paper aims to situate the dance practices in contemporary Svinița (Serbian: Svinica) within the surrounding regions. During the short time the research group spent in Svinița, we attended and participated in two evening dance events. These events were in many ways typical of community festival occasions found across the …read more

Community chain dances in Banat: uniformity or variability, is this about the group or the individual?

This paper considers the ideas of ‘improvisation’ and ‘variability’ in the context of group dances where uniformity and community dominate, in contrast to more common discussion of improvisation considering the ‘individual’ and ‘creativity’. As a case study, this paper considers the chain dances of the Banat region which are notable …read more

Writing ethnography from local to regional and backward (revisiting): Practices commemorating the dead through dancing in Romanian Banat villages

The observation of the custom of dedicating a dance to the dead (joc/ora/hora de pomană) was the focus of the Sub-Study Group on Field Research Theory and Methods fieldwork experience at Easter 2013 in Svinița (Serbian: Svinica), southwest Romania. This paper discusses how the authors’ narrative of this event was …read more