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Performing local identity: Place, community and dance in Timișoara, Romania

This paper investigates connections between local conceptions of place and identity and participation in community music and dance events in the city of Timișoara, located in the Banat region of Romania. Every year the Timișoara cultural events calendar includes an increasing number of community events that include presentational performances of …read more

An outsider’s view of an interethnic community in Banat: culture and identity in the village of Svinița

During Easter 2013, under the auspices of the International Council of Traditional Music study group for ethnochoreology, a group of international researchers participated in a fieldwork trip in the village of Svinița, in the Danube gorge. This visit was initiated to coincide with viewing the custom of ‘Joc de pomană’ …read more

Dancing through the city and beyond : Lives, movements and performances in a Romanian urban folk ensemble

This thesis investigates the lives, movements and performances of dancers in a Romanian urban folk ensemble from an anthropological perspective. Drawing on an extended period of fieldwork in the Romanian city of Timisoara, it gives an inside view of participation in organised cultural performances involving a local way of moving, …read more

A consideration of structural analysis methodology in the context of southeast European dance: an example from Banat – Brâul bătrân

This paper considers the value of the methods of dance structural analysis as a methodology noting that an understanding of “dance” and “dancing” is dependent on the participant’s cultural background and knowledge. This gives rise to local scholarly research methods that have particular relevance to the local concepts of dance, …read more

Dancing ethnicity: a case study of Festivalul Etnilor, Timișoara

This paper examines performances of dance and music by the various co-located ethnicities in Romanian Banat at the annual ethnicities festival in Timișoara. By considering each participating group in turn I consider both the participants, and their performances. The multicultural, multi-ethnic and multi confessional ethos of Banat is reflected in …read more

Traditional folk dance performance in the 21st Century: Romanian Căluș versus English Morris: Revivalist versus ex-communist?

In this paper, the authors consider ways the dilemma ‘what to do about folklore?’ is resolved in contemporary performances of the Romanian căluș and English morris. They focus their discussions around three questions: ‘what is the state of the performance today?’, ‘how are these dance forms viewed by locals and …read more

Dance movements and urban trajectories across and in the city: a Romanian case study

This article looks at the movements of dancers of the Ensemble Timişul (Timişoara, Romania) by juxtaposing two theoretical perspectives both of which have been termed the anthropology of movement. The author analyzes the dance movements and urban trajectories of the dancers applying both the anthropological approaches to movement or mobility …read more