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I have traced the Hart family back to around 1800 in Gloucester. William Brook Hart moved to London around 1850 and married Elizabeth Smith (born in Bromley, Kent) in 1857. Their children were born in south London, in Camberwell, Lambeth, or Dulwich.

 William Hart
c 1800
William Brook Hart
b 1825
Elizabeth Smith
b 1830
William D Hart
b 1858
Elizabeth Hart
b 1860
Alice M Hart
b 1862
Alfred L Hart
b 1862
Hannah Hart
b 1864
Edward Hart
b 1867
George W Hart
b 1870
Ada E Hart
b 1873
Thomas H Hart
b 1874
b 1866
Maurice J Ballard
b 1859
Maurice J Ballard
b 1859
Albert G Blackmore
b 1866
 Julia ?
c 1875
 Clotilde S Hart
b 1885
Constancia M Ballard
b 1885
 Alice Hart
b 1883
Phyllis Ballard
b 1901
 Sybil M Blackmore
b 1891
Maurice A Ballard
b 1890
 Brian Hart
b 1883
 Leech family
 Glanville Blackmore
b 1894
Lorna Ballard
b 1893
Sidney H Blackmore
b 1899