Moule family tree

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My branch of the Moule family can be traced back to northern Devon in the 18th century. They moved to Compton Gifford near Plymouth in the early 19th century.

b 1747
Thomas Moule
b 1776
Ann Toms
b 1799
b 1819
Mary Moule
b 1820
William Henry Moule
b 1823
Caroline Moule
b 1824
John Moule
b 1826
Ann Moule
b 1829
Matilda Moule
b 1832
Robert Moule
b 1834
Elizabeth Moule
b 1838
James Helson
b 1818
Harriett Cove
b 1827
Robert Brighton
b 1824
Allice Herd
b 1836
Sampson Cotton
b 1819
Samuel Cotton
b 1822
Susan Ann C Rendle
b 1848
 Thomas Helson
b 1839
 Robert E W Collins
b 1857
Harriet Moule
b 1857
Emily Brighton
b 1849
Allice Moule
b 1859
 Flora Ann B Cotton
b 1866
 Sarah Cotton
b 1861
Emily Moule
b 1870
 Richard Helson
b 1842
Charles H Moore
c 1860
 Ann Moule
b 1860
 Elizabeth Brighton
b 1849
 George Spry
b 1859
Annie M Cotton
b 1864
Robert Moule
b 1873
 Ann Helson
b 1844
Mary J Moule
b 1862
 Robert Brighton
b 1853
 John T Spray
b 1885
 Sampson Cotton
b 1865
 Herbert C Moule
b 1879
John Helson
b 1846
Allice G Spry
b 1886
Ann Toms Moule
b 1881
Robert H Collins
c 1880
Mary L Spry
b 1888
 William E Moule
b 1883
Edith Moule
b 1883
Thomas J Moule
b 1883