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I have traced this branch of the Stock family back to Wethersfield in Essex around the late 18th century. They lived in Finchingfield from around 1800 to 1840 and then moved to Bishop Stortford. I would love to hear from anyone who may have further information on this or any connection to this tree.

John Stock
c 1790
Rebecca Brown
c 1790

James Stock
b 1819
Mary Clark
b 1819
John Stock
b 1839
Arthur Stock
b 1848
Walter Stock
b 1851
Reuben Stock
b 1854
b 1855
Albert Stock
b 1856
b 1861
Sarah ?
b 1852
Mary Ann Everitt
b 1851
Harriet Kettridge
b 1852
 Martha ?
b 1850
 Edith Stock
b 1870
 Arthur W Stock
b 1879
 Etheltor M Stock
b 1880
 Charles A Stock
b 1888
Alfred Stock
b 1875
 Rosa E Stock
b 1885
 Ruby Stock
b 1891
 Anna Stock
b 1887
 Alfred Stock
b 1890