Three marriages of Major Simpson (born 1794)

1817 Major Simpson marries Mary Davy

Major Simpson married Mary Davy in Otley 18-Feb-1817. I am related to the Davy family descended from Francis Davy.

Major Simpson
b 1744
Mary Davy
b 1796
Major Simpson
b 1794
d 1871
Henry Davy
b 1808
d 1813
Francis Davy
b 1812
d 1878
Sarah Simpson
b 1817

1823 Major Simpson marries Diana Weggen

Marriage record for 27-April-1823 in Shoreditch, London. They live in Otley and had four children with Diana, all born in Otley.

Diana Weggen
b 1804
Major Simpson
b 1794
Henry Simpson
b 1825
Samuel Simpson
b 1828
Margaret Simpson
b 1829
Jane Jemina Simpson
b 1831
Mary Jane Simpson
b 1866

Between 1831 and 1834 his life seems to have difficult times. Jane is born in April and in August his grocers business partnership in Otley “Simpson and Jackson” partnership is dissolved, his wife Diana dies in February 1834 and he seems to have delayed christening Jane Jemina until October 1935 when she is aged 4, when he is re-married and the next child is christened.

Diana dies aged 30 and buried 27-Feb-1834 in Otley, so she was born around 1804. The only near birth record for Diana is Diana Waggon, born 1802 in Barking Essex, but this is 2 years difference in birth year and the wrong area of London.

1834 Major Simpson marries Jane Bollans

Major Simpson marries Jane Bollans of York 19-Oct-1834 in Otley parish church. Major’s profession is given as a “grocer”. Jane was born 1807 in York, christened 18-Jan 1807 in York to parents Francis and Elizabeth.

Living first in Halifax they have five children.

Jane Bollans
b 1807
Major Simpson
b 1794
Frank Simpson
b 1835
Elisa Simpson
b 1839
Major Simpson
b 1837
d 1866
William Simpson
b 1840
Mathew Simpson
b 1841

Then in Horton (Bradford) another three children.

Jane Bollans
b 1807
Major Simpson
b 1794
Charles Simpson
b 1841
Mary Simpson
b 1845
John Simpson
b 1847

The 1841 census gives address as Victoria Street, Horton, Bradford. All children from last two marriages are present apart from Henry born 1825 (would be aged 16). The 1851 census gives address as 4 Queen Street, Bradford, Major Simpson’s occupation “assistant grocer”. Children of working age are “spiner (worsted)”. Jane dies in Feb-1866 aged 59. This entry gives Major as grocer in Upper Thomas Street, Horton. Major Simpson dies 1871 in Bradford.

Following their parents deaths the family is headed by daughter Margaret Simpson, all living at Franklin Street, Horton, Bradford. John Simpson is married to Sarah Ann born 1849 in Horton with their children Charles M Simpson born 1870, Clara born 1873, Margaret born 1876, Mary born 1879. If this is “Frank Street, Horton” the houses are only two room back-to-back houses!