Dance Performances as part of community festivals in Timișoara, Romania

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This paper looks at dance performances that take place as part of community festivals in, the city of Timișoara. These festivals, which are summarised under five categories, are modern events intended to involve the local community. The majority of those performing are local children and adults who represent many of the co-located ethnicities in Romanian Banat. Several different styles of dance performance can be seen at these festivals, including suites of local dances, choreographic ‘moments’, custom plays and ‘moving scenery’ that provides a back drop to local singers’ performances. Overall the conclusion is that the repertoire performed at these events tends to be similar irrespective of the type of festival although there is some event dependant variation.

Mellish, Liz (2014). “Dance Performances as part of community festivals in Timișoara, Romania.” Elsie Ivancich Dunin; Catherine E. Foley (editors), Dance, Place, Festival : 27th Symposium of the International Council for Traditional Music (ICTM) Study Group on Ethnochoreology 2012:257–264, Limerick, Ireland: The Irish World Academy of Music and Dance University of Limerick. ISBN: 978–1905–952–53–3.