Dance practices in the Danube Gorge region

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The Danube Gorge in Romania connects the Banat plain region to the Oltenian region through the Banat mountains at the southern end of the Carpathians. The villages at the western end of the Gorge are predominantly Serbian where those at the eastern end are predominantly Romanian. The dance practices of the Serbians and the Romanians living in the Danube Gorge were researched in the 1970s before the flooding of many of the villages to build the hydro-electric plant at Kladovo, and more recently by our late research colleague Selena Rakočević. In this paper I reference the documented collections and research and contextualise this to the dance practices in the surrounding regions. I conclude that this region does not constitute an ethnographic zone, but might be considered as a two overlapping micro-zones, in which we find complex patterns of cultural sharing with connections to the neighbouring areas. This article is an extended version of the section on dance practices within our paper in a publication dedicated to our late research colleague Selena Rakočević.

Green, Nick (2023). “Dance practices in the Danube Gorge region.” Eliznik articles, August 2023. Online: