Professionalism of Romanian ensemble dancers: performances and presentation

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This paper explores the meaning of being a professional ensemble dancer in Romania and whether this is the same as professionalism in Romanian dance performance. It investigates whether there is a clear cut distinction based on remuneration or are there other criteria that can be used to distinguish ‘professional’ dancers from ‘non-professional’ dancers. Drawing on the author’s personal fieldwork in Romania for over a period of almost ten years, it concludes that, in Romania, the factors that distinguish between a professional and amateur dancer are economic, in that professional dancers receive a salary for their work. However, qualities of professionalism in folk dance performance are far wider and relate to the whole concept of arranged performance.

Mellish, Liz (2016). “Professionalism of Romanian ensemble dancers: performances and presentation.” Liz Mellish; Nick Green; Mirjana Zakic (editors), Music and dance in Southeastern Europe : new scopes of research and action, Fourth symposium of the ICTM Study group on music and dance in Southeastern Europe:158–164. Belgrade: Faculty of music. ISBN 978–86–88619–71–4.