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Dancing through the city and beyond : Lives, movements and performances in a Romanian urban folk ensemble

This thesis investigates the lives, movements and performances of dancers in a Romanian urban folk ensemble from an anthropological perspective. Drawing on an extended period of fieldwork in the Romanian city of Timisoara, it gives an inside view of participation in organised cultural performances involving a local way of moving, …read more

Choreographic networks and dance styling in the Banat region of south west Romania

This paper discusses the role of choreographic networks in the dissemination of choreographic styling in Romanian Banat and how this relates to what locals consider as ‘authentic’ (correct) in staged performances of Banat dances. First I discuss the network of choreographers who are present and past dancers in Ensemble Timișul. …read more

Performing tradition through transition in Romania : folk ensemble performances at Festivalul Inimilor, Timișoara, Romania

This paper uses the Festival of the Hearts (Festivalul Inimilor) that has taken place in Timișoara, Romania, annually since 1990 as a window to examine the range of performative strategies employed by the folk ensembles participating in this festival. This post-communist festival is organised by the city culture house and …read more