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What is an (ideal) international folk dance festival? Voices of participants and organisers in international folk dance festivals in Romania and beyond

This chapter explores the question of what is considered as an (ideal) international folk dance festival by drawing from longitudinal ethnography among festival organisers in Romania, participants in international folk dance in festivals within Romania and Romanian participants in festivals elsewhere, as well as from archival and published sources. It …read more

Choreographic networks and dance styling in the Banat region of south west Romania

This paper discusses the role of choreographic networks in the dissemination of choreographic styling in Romanian Banat and how this relates to what locals consider as ‘authentic’ (correct) in staged performances of Banat dances. First I discuss the network of choreographers who are present and past dancers in Ensemble Timișul. …read more

New opportunities for Romanian folk ensemble performers: How the availability of modern technologies has contributed to 21st century folk performance strategies in Timișoara

This paper will focus on contemporary folk music and dance practices in the Romanian region of Banat. It considers how folk performers living in the city of Timisoara are taking advantage of new opportunities for fol performance provided by modern media and technologies, thus enabling them to increase their visibility …read more